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Bamboo Electric Toothbrush

Bamboo Electric Toothbrush

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  • Bamboo Sonic Electric Toothbrush: The product does not include stand-alone restricted lithium batteries. The Sonic toothbrush head is made of natural and environmentally friendly bamboo, and the main body is made of plastic, which is compatible with most brush heads.
  • 3-Speed Frequency Conversion Mode: The bamboo children electric toothbrush has 3 mode: 1.Cleaning Mode: 31000-37000 high-frequency swing, suitable for ordinary people; 2.Bleaching Mode: 31000-35000 fast high-frequency swing, suitable for incisor cleaning; 3.Gum Care mode: 32000-35000 Combination of clean and sensitive mode;
  • Bamboo and Plant Material: The 3 replaceable bamboo brush heads, are made of natural bamboo and plant bristles. We have matching brush heads. Our Bamboo electric power toothbrush provides 3 soft Dupont bristles which designed with a variety of bristles that can perfectly fit the gums and teeth, to deep and thorough cleaning . Waterproof all over, for bath and shower.
  • Charging Method:  Wireless induction charging, the minimum charging current is 80 mA, the maximum is 95 mA, and one charge can be used for more than 80 cycles (2 minutes/time).Charge for 10 hours, standby time is more than 3 weeks.
  • Easy to Use: One button switch, simple operation. Tap the button to complete the mode switch, which is very simple for children to use.

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